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August 20, 2008

Kia Ora,

It has been an important last few months for us here in Rotorua with the region playing host to the prestigious TRENZ event for the second time. All the Rotorua operators were thrilled to have all TRENZ participants here to “Feel the Spirit” that Rotorua can provide to its guests.

Then to top it all off, Rotorua icon The Agrodome won best Visitor Attraction at the New Zealand Tourism Awards.  Rainbow Springs and Kiwi Encounter were also finalists in the same category!

Destination Rotorua is always looking at new ways to aid our trade partners in promoting tourism to both New Zealand and Rotorua. If you would like to discuss some possible joint ventures or request some information from us please do not hesitate to make contact.

Additionally if  you are sending familiarisations to Rotorua, we are here to assist in your planning and can provide Rotorua collateral such as our Product Directory, Rotorua Visitor Guide or information about our exciting Rotorua Events.  Let us know and we’ll  happily put together an itinerary or welcome pack for your group.

Kind regards
Ruth Crampton (nee McIntyre)
Assistant General Manager
DDI +64 7 349 7280

Rotorua Updates

Our page of Product Updates on the website is constantly refreshed with new and upgraded product.  Please keep the link handy to ensure you are across all the recent happenings in Rotorua!   Additionally you can download our latest version of  In Essence as another way to keep up to date with our changes.

New look Rotorua Websites has in recent months undergone a dramatic makeover, resulting in a stunning new destinational website designed with the end user in mind. Ease of use was at the forefront of the redevelopment and we encourage you to take a
peek and checkout the snazzy

New features include:

  • Media pages with Rotorua story ideas and media kit
  • Four day weather forecast
  • Online trade calendar
  • Google Maps with operator locator beacons
  • Streaming video on operator listings
  • Walking and mountain biking trail maps
  • Maori words and phrases audio

Also we have created some new foreign language websites, which are abbreviated translations of our main English language site. We hope these sites will prove to be a hit with users and also aid in the discovery of the wonders that Rotorua holds for international visitors.

New Foreign Language sites:

  • Simplified Chinese –
  • Japanese –
  • Korean –
  • Spanish –

Coming soon will be French –

Alternatively All foreign language sites can be accessed from by clicking in the top left hand corner of the page over any of the applicable national flags.

Online Itineraries

We have put together a selection of sample itineraries below to give an idea of what's available in Rotorua and how they work together to easily fill your day. Click on the itineraries on to view.

  • Maori experience
  • Geothermal experience
  • Adventure experience
  • Lakes and fishing experience
  • Spa and wellness experience
  • Volcanic experience
  • Family fun experience

New Images

We have been busy updating our generic destinational images in the past few months and are really excited by the many new and different looks we have been able to achieve. Click here to view.

If you like what you see, go to the e-see website to sign up for access to our images for free.

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