July 16, 2009

Kia Ora !*FIRSTNAME*!,



As you will be aware from previous emails updates from DRTM in the past month, the premium full page advertising listing you purchased on our main rotoruaNZ.com website (and perhaps also on one of our six foreign language websites) for the 2008/09 year expired last month.

We know how busy you are so as a courtesy to our valued stakeholders, we extended a two week grace period in recognition that you may have been out-of-town or had other commitments to attend to. However this 'grace' period is about to come to an end, so if you are keen to get a slice of the significant traffic that comes to our site(s) you need to sign up online NOW - Click here for full details and sign up options.

If you need any additional clarification after reading the full PDF, contact marketing or phone 07 348 4133

Since its major revamp and re-launch in January 2008, Rotorua's official rotoruaNZ.com website has continued to evolve; expanding and adding new features to enhance usability for browsers while adding value and building additional traffic for advertisers.

In the past year the 'value adds' for advertisers included:

  • Option to self-edit listing - available on request
  • Access to monthly traffic stats reports - available on request
  • Google Street view option - where appropriate
  • Adding directions and distance calculators to all listings
  • Map location of all Rotorua district accom and attractions – and filter by category
  • List five nearest attractions to all activity/attraction listings – to assist with trip planning
  • On-site printable itinerary planning as part of a new trade section - for trade listings only

In the past year we generated interest in the site (and the destination) by running dedicated Google AdWords campaigns, banner advertising on Trade Me, Travel Bug, NZ Herald, Scoop and Stuff sites, and ensuring the 'call to action' on all collateral and domestic advertising drove inquiries to rotoruaNZ.com.

Overall we had healthy increases in traffic to rotoruaNZ.com for the June '08-May '09 period compared to the previous year, which resulted in additional exposure for your product or service.

  • Visitors increased by 39% (up 124,546 to 442,228)
  • Absolute Unique Visitors increased by 39% (up 92,314 to 324,701)
  • Pageviews increased by 41% (up 930,000 to 3,195,924)

Plans for continued 'value adds' on rotoruaNZ.com for the 09/10 year:

  • Revamp of the home page. (Due for completion in July '09).
  • Categorise areas by interests and experiences. (Due for completion in July '09).
  • Set up special 'by interest' landing pages on main site. (Due for completion in July '09).
  • Add 'green' options to target increasing number of visitors influenced by operator's environmental policy. (Due for completion in July '09).
  • Add accommodation search button on the homepage. (Due for completion in August '09).
  • Additional 'pop up' cross-reference 'you may also be interested in' option when searching. For example if viewing MTB trail information, the cross-reference 'pop up' could show MTB-friendly motels and cafes, hire facilities etc. (Due for completion in August '09).
  • Building mini sites for the UK and Australian markets. We have already acquired .uk and .au domain names to facilitate this. (Due for completion in Sept '09).
  • Adding special interest downloadable PDFs including things like Free stuff, Travelling with children, Top 30 favourites and Green options. (Due for completion in Sept '09).
  • Initial development of a free 'real time' activity booking/voucher system for the site. (Opportunities will available for some operators to take part in test beginning Oct '09).
  • Increasing individual listing image gallery (from five to 10) and enlarging gallery view.
  • Continued support via dedicated Google AdWords campaign.
  • Targeted banner advertising (linked to our site) on high profile sites like Trade Me, NZ Herald, Scoop, Eventfinder, AA, Mindfood, NZ House and Garden and MSN.
  • 'Call to action' on all collateral and domestic advertising driving inquiries to rotoruaNZ.com.

Website listings are for 12 months (July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010):

Premium full page listing on main rotoruaNZ.com site
Cost: $350 plus GST pa

A premium full page listing on the main rotoruaNZ.com site offers even better value-for-money in the coming year with no additional fee to load a supplied 30-second video clip (was $50 plus GST), a wider spread of the five category choices including one foreign language sites (was $100 plus GST per category), the ability to purchase additional categories at a 50% reduction (compared to last year, now $50 plus GST per category, increased site traffic (see stats above) and continued expansion development to add even more value for advertisers as well as browsers (see plans above).

Full page listing on foreign language sites
Cost: One FOC* then $50* plus GST pa

Operators who have a premium listing on the main site can choose one foreign language site among their five category options. Additional listings on other foreign language websites are available at a significantly discounted rate.
* Cost of translation and/or checking (of supplied foreign language text) are additional.
NB: If only foreign languages sites are required, a base fee of $350 will apply for the first site

We have collected your contact details. This information is collected to enable us to keep you up to date with tourism news pertinent to the Rotorua tourism market and keep you informed of the activities of the Destination Rotorua Marketing office. We will not disclose your contact details to third parties.

Jill Marshall
Communications Manager
Destination Rotorua Marketing
Private Bag 3007, Rotorua
Phone +64 7 349 7285
Fax +64 7 349 4133