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April 7, 2011

New Marketing Strategies for Rotorua Outlined

Destination Rotorua Marketing (DRTM) has today unveiled an ambitious programme of marketing goals and top line strategies for the coming 18 months.  

Details of the plan, developed as part of a wider three year business plan, were announced at an open meeting of Rotorua District Council’s (RDC) recently formed Rotorua Tourism Committee.  

The plan’s key goals focus on growth opportunities identified by the Tourism Committee in their draft strategic plan, which has been developed in consultation with DRTM and local tourism operators.  

The goals aim to take advantage of shifting international tourism trends, increase the volume of domestic traffic travelling to the region, strengthen the positioning of the Rotorua destination brand and work in a more partnership orientated way with the Rotorua tourism industry.  

Priority areas for marketing investment include Australia, Auckland and Asia, specifically China.  

Rotorua Tourism Committee’s Chair, Tony Marks, says the DRTM team is committed to the plan and is now focused on delivering results.  

“A number of strategies have been identified to drive each goal through to fruition, and more detailed marketing and communications initiatives are currently in development to support these,” Mr Marks says.  

“These are highly targeted and measurable, and a number of critical success factors will be reported on to aid transparency across activities.  

RDC’s economic and regulatory services group manager, Mark Rawson, said the DRTM team had undergone an element of change in recent months, but everyone was motivated and looking forward to the challenges ahead.  

“We also have to thank the Tourism Committee, which is acting as an invaluable conduit to gain clarity and consensus across all parties, and ensuring we are all working towards the same goals to achieve growth and sustainability for Rotorua’s tourism sector.  ”


Notes to editors:

DRTM’s seven key goals with top line strategies for the forthcoming 12 to 18 months are:

  1. Aggressively target and grow the Asian visitor market – specifically China:
    • Grow and lead RTO (regional tourism organisation) communications in market to China
    • Develop strong in-market representation
    • Focus on both group traffic and selected high net worth markets in Shanghai and nearby major cities
    • Maintain and foster ties with Japan and other key South East Asia origin markets such as Thailandand South Korea. 

  2. Grow and increase Rotorua’s share of the Australian visitor arrivals to New Zealand – especially off peak:
    • Take an RTO leadership position to deliver return on investment and effective marketing communications via online media
    • Leverage other RTO and joint venture activities including Central Park to increase attractiveness of the area with Rotorua as the hub.  

  3. Increase the average room nights and spend to equal the national average for both international and domestic visitors to Rotorua:
    • Target day and 1-day visitor opportunities including cruise market
    • Work with operators to convert day visitors into overnight visitors
    • Work with operators to extend length of stay by creating compelling 3-4 night packages
    • Increase repeat visitation through an events marketing strategy
    • Increase share of conventions and incentives market by encouraging or creating events
    • Optimise key product areas of interest such as cycling, health and adventure
    • Work with industry partners to identify opportunities for increased capacity, spend and yield.  

  4. Increase the Auckland visitor market by 3% - 30,000 visitor nights:
    • Change current perceptions of Rotorua to make it top of mind for a short break
    • Own the external regional tourism position in the minds of Aucklanders through targeted presence and database activities
    • Develop and create a calendar of reasons why Aucklanders would visit the region including events and festivals
    • Leverage off conference and incentive activity for delegates to repeat visit with their family/friends. 

  5. Take a leadership position in online marketing and travel search:
    • Develop a content management system, open source platform website that is easily managed updated and future proofed
    • Develop and implement a consumer database communications programme
    • Implement an effective online media programme.  

  6. Create value and work in partnership with Rotorua region operators
    • Develop a programme of communications that encourages engagement and provides timely and inclusive information
    • Support and provide leadership for product development and issues management as the trusted Rotorua industry partner and as the leader of Rotorua’s destination tourism marketing.  

  7. Increase ease of access to Rotorua as a visitor destination
    • Lobby action and foster relationships with airlines and airports – domestic and international
    • Help Rotorua International Airport gain additional local and international services
    • Work with other RTOS, the Rotorua International Airport, Tourism New Zealand and other stakeholders
    • Work with RDC and other stakeholders on key tourism infrastructure improvement projects.  

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