The Destination Rotorua Marketing team in front of the “hoax” playboy holiday mansion. Back row (left to right) - Craig, Jill, Karlene, Adrian Front row (left to right) - Melissa, Justine, Don, Gina, Ruth

April Fools!!

Hope you enjoyed our April Fools joke yesterday announcing that Hugh Hefner was going to convert a wing of the Rotorua Museum into his new holiday mansion.

While that story was a joke, the fact that the unique Rotorua smell helps with male erectile function is in fact true. Scientists from Italy's University of Naples have discovered a link between hydrogen sulphide - the gas that gives Rotorua its distinctive smell - and male sexual arousal.

To learn more about this interesting fact - click here.

What more motivation do you need to visit Rotorua?

Have a great day.

The Destination Rotorua Marketing team

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